Visible: helping businesses to grow

VisibleMarketing by Design helps its clients grow sales, through providing a range of services designed to increase turnover and profits. Our services include tailored business development advice and support, together with specialist design services, aimed at making your business, service or product really visible to its audience .

So, if you are thinking of starting a business, or are looking to grow an existing business, we can make you really Visible to your audience!

How we make you Visible

Whatever the client, Visible is committed to giving the best service, the best, most honest advice and recommending the most powerful, cost-effective solutions. We offer a flexible range of services in order to provide a bespoke solution to meet any specific challenge.

Who Visible are

Visible are a team of design and marketing professionals, experienced in the planning and development of business growth through the creation of exciting and powerful marketing campaigns and design solutions. Within our team we cover the following disciplines:

♦   Design
♣   Web development
♥   Online marketing
♦   Social media
♣   Print design and management
♥   Authorship and copywriting
♦   Marketing
♣   Sales management
♥   Customer care and relationship management

What sets Visible apart

Our approach is based on providing bespoke solutions that are, by definition, tailored to meet the needs of the individual client, based on a true understanding of the client and the market in which they operate. However, there are some basic principles that run through all our activities:

A. Impartial, frank advice, based on facts rather than opinions or our own agenda.
B. Visible‘s whole approach is based on helping our clients achieve success.
C. Combining creative, innovative design, with hard-nosed factual research, marketing expertise, IT expertise, and a focus on results.
D. A partnership approach: flexible, and entirely focused on the customer’s aims.
E. A value-for-money pricing policy, aimed at providing ‘blue chip support’ at prices that are affordable to small businesses! This way, we help our customers achieve success, and we build long-term partnerships into the bargain.


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